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While we continuously make improvement to our new VoIP solution, we would appreciate your support and feedback. Please join our user support forum at the Yahoo Group if you wish to participate in the exciting discussions, view photo album, or join a poll on [ClosedTalk]®.

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If you are using [ClosedTalk]® which is a component of FREE CompuSec®, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade your [ClosedTalk]® software. With constant development and testing, the latest version of [ClosedTalk]® now comes with highly improved stability and usability.

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The growing base of CE-Infosys partners worldwide is for the benefit of our customers in the areas of consulting and network support.

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Most of our engineers are long serving team members who have accumulated knowledge from different fields of technology over many years.

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We offer unparalleled expertise in cryptography, security design, security management, and smart card applications. We are right choice for you.


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Some of the products we offer

Government Products

Governments have extended and additional requirements for security products as compared to commercial customers’. For highly classified information, proprietary encryption algorithms and special protection are needed. CE-Infosys provides a wide range of high-end products that are flexible and can be adapted easily to the specific requirements for government customers.

Commercial Product

Revolutionary network encryption products provide security beyond the standards. A broad range of products from securing corporate network to encrypting mobile satellite stations is available. In combination with superior PC Security Suite a homogenous encryption concept is achieved. These CE-Infosys products support our customers’ needs for security, ease of use and budget

CompuSec® Software

The CompuSec® Software is a full product version without any limitations. It is not a demo or trial version. It is provided “as is” at the time of distribution without any warranty. The product has been thoroughly tested and no bugs were known at the time of the product release. However, we cannot guarantee that the product works with all possible PC configurations nor is 100% bug free. CE-Infosys commits to maintain the product and provide future releases. Customer feedback and recommendations are welcome. The product is free in object code, but not in source code. Please read carefully the license agreement during the product

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