LCD panels are now used everywhere. If you want to get a good picture for your security camera or be able to see details while playing games or working on something like sketches, Rackmount LCD Panel should be your way to go. Even if you want to be able to read for a long time or watch something without hurting your eyes, LCD panels are the answer.

LCD panels, which have firstly appeared in calculators and digital clocks, are now found in TFT monitors, on mobile phones, tablets, projectors … Liquid crystals, compounds that at the same time have the properties of liquids and crystalline solid substances, were discovered by Austro-Hungarian scientists at the end of the nineteenth century.

They act like crystals (the substances whose molecules are in the geometric correct order) that is determined on the basis of showing an important feature of solid crystals – polarizing light. During the research, another important feature of liquid crystals was discovered: when the electrical current is passed through them, they change the direction of polarization, consuming very little electricity.


LCDThe largest number of TFT displays is found on monitors, televisions and portable devices, and there is a need for backlighting. Initially, only cold-cathode fluorescent tubes were used. One or more of these tubes are placed along the edge of the screen, together with a highly reflective “shield” that has such a shape that evenly (as far as possible) illuminates the entire display.

With the development of high-bright LEDs, a gradual transition to LED lighting began. Lighting diodes have many advantages: they are not fragile, they do not contain mercury, they do not require high-voltage converters, they consume less current.

The latest designs use tiny LEDs in three basic colors (one red, one blue and two green) placed behind each LCD screen individually, thereby significantly enhancing the colorimetric characteristics of the panel and facilitating the use of contrast-enhancing techniques such as dynamic contrast, in which the improvement of contrast is achieved by changing the brightness of individual elements of the backlight.

Quality parameters

When one decides, say, which monitor to buy, the decision will be made, inter alia, on the basis of the parameters given by the manufacturer. If you are not sure about which option you should go, Rackmount LCD Panel can be what you need. But what are the parameters and what do they mean?

First, you need to choose your panel type – the principle on which the monitor works. Then there is brightness – meaning the maximum brightness that the monitor can give. When this value is higher, the monitor can also be seen in very bright rooms. There is also contrast – the ratio between the brightest and faintest tone the panel can display, say 1000: 1. This parameter, unfortunately, does not say anything about whether the black color is faithfully displayed.

You need to check viewing angles and that is the maximum viewing angles in the screen, horizontals, and vertices, count on both sides in relation to the screen’s normal direction, where there is no distortion in the image.