Commercial Network Encryption

Premium Products used for Commercial Network Encryption

Premium Network encryption products are for for large and medium customers that need high-end security for their network infrastructure – that’s basic of Commercial Network Encryption. We use them in Gateway or Bridge mode. In Gateway mode the product behaves like a router with different subnets on its plain and crypt interface. Encryption of the complete IP packets leads to placing them into a new packet. Then we route them to their destination. Gateway mode supports “Subnet Based Encryption”, an advanced concept that we use to separate user groups in organizations. With this concept, some groups of users can communicate with encription, while traffic to other stations remains unchanged in plain text. For example, the traffic from the board of directors to the development department is encrypted, while the traffic from the development department to all other departments is not. Subnet-Based-Encryption allows a step by step roll-out of the products wherever security is required.

Commercial Network Encryption device 1

Commercial Network Encryption device 2
Commercial Network Encryption device 3

Commercial Network Encryption device 4

How it works:

In contrast the Bridge mode encrypts the payload and leaves the existing IP header almost unchanged. This technique has its advantage when we use MPLS networks. Bridge mode Cryptors uses a set of rules, similar to a firewall. The rules define what is encrypted and what is not.

All CE-Infosys networking products support the Enhanced IPSec protocol, an invention that makes Cryptors immune against known networking and cryptographic attacks. Most important is the function to change the key used for the encryption of an IP packet with every packet. This reduces the amount of data for a cryptographic analysis to 1500 byte. This is by far too little to be useful for any attack.

These Cryptors are fully encapsulated and can be used in unfriendly environmental conditions, such as in the desert where small sand particles are in the air.

The external power supply contributes to the reliability of the products. Experience tells us that some electric components in power supplies are stressed and have a higher tendency to fail. This is not an issue if the power supply can be changed without reinstalling the Cryptor. The external 12 Volt input allows the Cryptors to be used in mobile installations like cars, vessels, airplanes or helicopters. The absence of mechanically moving parts in Cryptors contributes to their high reliability.

Cryptors are quiet and produce no noise during operation; therefore they are also ideal to be used at office workplaces. For installations at the data center a slide mounting bracket is available.

In order to understand Commercial Network Encryption you need to understand how to use all above – or leave it to us!