Commercial PC Encryption

Basics of CompuSec

CompuSec is the brand name of all CE-Infosys’ PC encryption products. The products such as Managed CompuSec®, CompuSec® e-Identity® etc… use the identical concept with different technical implementation. All individual products in the CompuSec® family are fully compatible with each other. For example, a USB memory token encrypted by CompuSec® Mobile can be read by Managed CompuSec® provided both stations share the same removable media key in their key list. Total compatibility within the product range and with the networking products, help our customers to implement the right solution at the right place. CompuSec® starts with Managed CompuSec®, a software implementation and ends with HSM Express which provides hardware based encryption and key management.

CompuSec PC image CompuSec Identity CompuSec mobile CompuSec HSM
CompuSec Help CompuSec Global Admin

CompuSec® comes as a security suite where many functions are combined in one product. This all in one concept allow a very competitive pricing, saving substantial cost compared to individual products. The customer chooses which functions should be activated for his installation.

CompuSec® supports Microsoft operating systems in its current version and two back level versions. Currently Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP are supported.

All software have full support 24/7. It’s important to know that our developers are working on updates in improvements on them all the time. There’s forum and support pages that enable the to communicate directly with clients. that way they are always on top of the thins. All process are monitored and check on regular bases in order to provide top notch products and service.

FREE CompuSec® is available as download version without cost. FREE CompuSec® is a full version without limitations except that the product is locally managed and is not supported by GlobalAdmin. Therefore, it is cater for individual use without a GlobalAdmin station.