Commercial Product Concept


CE-Infosys provides commercial security products for Layer-2 and Layer 3 (IP) network encryption and a complete range of PC security products.

The Cryptor products secure Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks while the CompuSec® Security Suite protects Notebooks and PCs. All products use compatible cryptographic concepts and industry standards wherever applicable. Thus, in both product lines standard AES encryption with 256 bit key length is applied. Both product lines use the same smart card based authentication tokens, called e-Identity®. PC based IP encryption is fully compatible to the Cryptor product family. Customers can build complete encrypted networks including PCs, Notebooks and servers. This allows our customers to build large encrypted infrastructures for secure information processing. The CompuSec® product lines support multiple security levels for different budgets.

The commercial product line benefits from the knowledge CE-Infosys has accumulated over many years of government product development.