About CE-Infosys


CE-Infosys : German Security Technology

CE-Infosys, founded in 1981, Germany, is one of the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced network and data security systems. The company has offices located in Germany, Singapore and United Arab Emirates with a network of partners worldwide. CE-Infosys provides security product and solutions to international customers and top-ranking companies in the corporate and government sector. With technology leadership in the encryption for data and networks. We offer unparalleled expertise in cryptography, security design, security management, and smart card applications.


IT Security is a matter of confidence. As in any business, you will find excellent products and partners in the market. Finding a suitable product or partner is time consuming. We at CE-Infosys, have been in the market for over 29 years and have learned over time what it means to satisfy a customer. We listen and understand what our customers really need. This allows us to develop optimized solutions for the benefit of the customers.

Many times, we invented new solutions and technologies that over time became the standard in the market. This innovative focus is one of our company’s principles. Most of our engineers are long serving team members who have accumulated knowledge from different fields of technology over many years. We believe that this excellent knowledge, the experience and the motivation of CE-Infosys staff are the real reasons for our impressive worldwide base of satisfied customers.

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