Free Compusec

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The FREE CompuSec Software is a full product version without any limitations. It is not a demo or trial version. It is provided “as is” at the time of distribution without any warranty. The product has been thoroughly tested and no bugs were known at the time of the product release. However, we cannot guarantee that the product works with all possible PC configurations nor is 100% bug free. CE-Infosys commits to maintain the product and provide future releases. Customer feedback and recommendations are welcome. The product is free in object code, but not in source code. Please read carefully the license agreement during the product installation.

  • This software is FREE for both Professional Business use as well as
  • Hotline support and maintenance contracts are available.
  • For corporate users using GlobalAdmin to manage FREE CompuSec, it is mandatory to purchase Professional Support for each user.
  • Worldwide support is available through CE-Infosys and our partners.
  • Supports Window Vista, Windows XP, Window 2003, Window XP Tablet Edition & Windows 2000.
  • A FREE version for Linux is now available.

Function overview of the FREE CompuSec® Software Version:

  • Pre boot access control
  • Encryption for Hard disk using 256-bit AES algorithm and in hibernation mode
  • Encryption for CD / DVD for secure publishing and sharing of CD data using CDCrypt
  • Encryption for Diskettes and Removable Media Devices such as ZIP drives, USB thumb drives or Memory sticks
  • Encryption of Individual Files or data transmitted via Email and FTP using new DataCrypt
  • Encryption of Server Files & Subdirectories using SafeLan
  • Single-Sign-On at Windows
  • Identity Management for password encryption, policy database query, and supports BioClick for secure transactions based on fingerprint recognition
  • Local and Central Administration
  • [ClosedTalk]® for secure VoIP communication
  • Intergrated support for Tablet PC
  • [DriveCrypt] for container encryption
  • Centralised management with Audit Log and Remote Challenge/Respond for password reset.**

** Feature only available for FREE CompuSec® manage by GlobalAdmin

CompuSec® e-Identity® Version

  • 2-factor authentication prior to booting
  • USB token or smart card access before booting
  • Full PKI integrated
  • Transparent file and folder encryption
  • File server encryption
  • Credential or Certificate used for log-on and Single-Sign-On at the domain server
  • Secure remote password reset
  • Central management of e-Identity® tokens and e-Identity® smart cards
  • User groups and computer pools

If you wish to download any of it’s version, you can do it here .