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FREE CompuSec®
The FREE CompuSec® is a PC Security Suite that protects Notebooks, Desktops and Tablet PCs by providing Access Control, Hard Disk Encryption, File Encryption, and Single Sign On. This Security software comes with a complete set of security functions for unlimited usage and distribution, and is designed for both personal and professional use. The current version of the FREE CompuSec® now incorporates [ClosedTalk]® for encrypted voice communications for a secure VoIP solution. FREE CompuSec® is provided free to all users and for download at www.ce-infosys.com and in many leading download portal and product review web sites.


FREE CompuSec® is a Security Suite that protects Notebooks, Desktops and Tablet PCs. It provides Access Control, Single Sign On, Hard Disk Encryption, CD Encryption, File Encryption and VoIP Encryption. This version of CompuSec® is free for private and commercial use with full product functions without any limitations. You can download your free copy from our web page or from many download sites worldwide.

FREE CompuSec® provides high level of security with a flexible and transparent mode of operation. Individuals, small groups of users as well as large enterprises use FREE CompuSec®. It combines a complete set of security functions, while providing users the option to configure the product to their own needs.

Users of FREE CompuSec range from private users to government officials. Whenever you do not need a central administration, then FREE CompuSec is the choice.

Encryption Algorithm Overview

Fast AES implementation for hard disk encryption
Key length for all encryption is 256 bit (shorter keys are not supported)
Encryption and key management is performed in special protected driver software
No key material is in hibernation files or swap files
ECC used for DataCrypt public key management
All certificates use RSA 1024 or RSA 2048
SHA-256 used as hash algorithm


FREE CompuSec® uses the standard AES algorithm. The key length is fixed to 256 bit. Short keys of 128 or 1292 bit are not supported.


Whenever a system starts, users will be required to enter their username and password in order to boot up the operating system. This process provides additional protection since the authentication process is independent of the Operating System. FREE CompuSec® also provides several other help functions in the pre-boot phase to assist users with forgotten passwords.

Single Sign On


FREE CompuSec® will encrypt and store the system logon password together with the username and the domain name to automatically log the users into their operating system. This function provides a greater level of convenience for users who now only need to remember one set of username and password. FREE CompuSec® also provides a keyboard or screen saver lock that users can quickly activate when they leave their systems momentarily.

Full Hard Disk Encryption

The hard disk encryption of FREE CompuSec® uses a fast implementation of the AES algorithm. This encryption includes the operating system. Multiple operating systems are supported on a single computer. The initial encryption can be performed before the computer is used by the user or transparent in the background allowing the user to work on the PC, interrupt the encryption process and shut down the computer at any time. The support of the hibernation mode is very important to mobile users. Hibernation of the PC requires the contents of the RAM to be stored in hibernation file onto the hard disk before the PC is powered down. When the PC is restarted, the contents in the hibernation file will be loaded into the RAM. When coming out from hibernation, the user is required to authenticate again to decrypt the encrypted hard disk key before resuming work on the PC. As such, it is safe to use the hibernation mode in the machine. Most hard disk encryption products in the market do not support this mode. CE-Infosys is the first company providing support for hibernation mode with its product line.

Encryption of Removable Media - CDCrypt


Diskettes, CD / DVD and removable media devices such as Memory Sticks and USB thumb drives can be encrypted by FREE CompuSec®. The encryption for CD / DVD uses the CDCrypt feature to support internal and external CD burners that are connected using USB or IDE. With central administration, an encryption policy may define whether a user may or may not switch the mode from encrypted to non-encrypted when using such devices. As such, an organization can easily enforce a policy to use only encrypted Diskettes, Removable Media Devices and CD-RW / CD-R / DVD to minimize the threat of data theft. Such encryption is unobtrusive and does not change the way the user works with these devices.

Encryption of Individual Files - DataCrypt


FREE CompuSec® includes a module that enables users to encrypt individual files called DataCrypt. DataCrypt will enable users to encrypt their messages and send them via email, ftp etc. The data will travel safely over whatever medium chosen to allow CompuSec® users to safely exchange files. DataCrypt can also be used as a software module and can be forwarded to other users without a license, free of charge. DataCrypt employs Public-Key-Cryptography based on elliptic curves to generate keys for encryption and decryption. DataCrypt also uses a new technology called ‘Sealing’ that will hide all structures in the header of the encrypted file, giving additional protection against ‘traffic analysis’ on the network.

Encryption of Server Files & Subdirectories - SafeLan


File and Directory Encryption with FREE CompuSec® can be performed for local or network files and/or directories. This function called SafeLan will ensure that all files written or copied into the encrypted directory will automatically be encrypted and remaining completely transparent to the end user. This also means that a user without an authorized directory key will not have access to the directory and will also be unable to see the files. This function is used to separate users of the same file server in a strong cryptographic way and also ensure that server administrators cannot see the contents of the encrypted files. SafeLan supports NTFS, Novell, FAT and network based file systems.

Encryption of Voice Communication - [ClosedTalk]®


[ClosedTalk]® is a component of CompuSec® used for encrypted voice communication between CompuSec® users. The built-in sound system of the computer is used for [ClosedTalk]®. No IP telephone is needed. [ClosedTalk]® uses Internet to transport the voice data from one user to the other. E-mail addresses are used to contact communication partners. An e-mail address is self-explanatory and easier to remember than traditional phone numbers. [ClosedTalk]® uses a gatekeeper service to find the communication partner on the network. The Diffie-Hellman key generation protocol is used to provide secure session keys for each talk.

Container Encryption - [DriveCrypt]


The [DriveCrypt] module provides a simple way to store sensitive data securely on the hard disk without the need to encrypt the entire hard disk. [DriveCrypt] creates a large file on the hard disk and encrypts it using a strong AES algorithm with 256-bit key. The file is then mounted as a separate drive in the file system for normal use. Data written into the "drive" will automatically be encrypted, while data read out will automatically be decrypted.

Identity Management

FREE CompuSec® manages the identity of the user for applications. For existing applications requiring passwords, FREE CompuSec® learns the users' passwords, stores them in an encrypted format and automatically inserts the correct password into the application when required. This is available for local and WEB based applications.

FREE Online Support

For individual users, there is a support group available at no cost. The CE-Infosys team visits the support forum regularly to attend to user queries. Please visit www.ce-infosys.com/cei_forum and join as a user today.


FREE CompuSec® is installed as a product without a central management station. FREE CompuSec® creates a security file with all the secret keys of this installation. It is the user's responsibility to keep these keys secret.

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System Requirements

  • PC Notebook with Intel Architecture
  • Workstation with Intel Architecture

  • Windows 7 (64 & 32 bit mode)
  • Windows Vista (64 & 32 bit mode)
  • Windows XP

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008 (64 & 32 bit mode)
  • Windows Server 2008R2

  • 50 MB Free Hard Disk Space

  • Built-in Sound Support for [ClosedTalk]®