Government PC Encryption

PC Security

CE-Infosys PC Encryption products offer most of the infrastructure measures to provide a trustful environment for classified data processing. This includes encryption of all data stored on hard disks and other storage media, encryption of network communication and authentication of trusted users.

CompuSec® e-Identity®
CompuSec® HSM


The technical implementation and the security level achieved will depend on the customers’ requirements. CE-Infosys provides two security levels.

As a standard solution CompuSec® e-Identity® is provided. The product is able to use proprietary algorithms for the hard disk encryption, the removable media encryption and the network communication. Proprietary algorithms follow the same construction principles as described for the networking products. All key materials and the algorithm components are stored in an e-Identity token. No information is left on the computer when it is switched off or in hibernation mode. The token is protected and can only be used after a user authentication took place.

An advanced solution is provided with the hardware based encryption products for desktop PCs and Notebooks. CompuSec ® Mobile and CompuSec® HSM are both hardware products that provide all encryption and key management functions inside the hardware. FPGAs are used for the actual encryption. These products require user with a smart card to perform a two or three factor authentication. CompuSec® HSM can use an optional finger scanner for the three-factor authentication. CompuSec ® HSM provides an Anti Tamper Device to protect against product modification.

A new series of PC external and internal protection devices is under development and will be available soon.