Government Product Concept

CE-Infosys provides network encryption products and PC encryption products for governments. These products are designed for the highest security requirements.

Governments face complex threats compared to commercial or private users.

Private users may face attacks from hackers with student level knowledge and low budgets.
Commercial customers may face criminals and criminal organizations as their attackers. These attackers usually have good knowledge and substantial budget.
Governments may face terror organizations and other countries among their attackers. It must be assumed that the best available knowledge and huge resources are dedicated to the attacks. It is known that at least some countries develop electronic and IT warfare products. It can be assumed that these weapons are efficient.

The level of protection required depends on the damage to be expected when a system is intruded, data are decrypted or control of a network is lost. It is the task of the government to assess such situation on a case-by-case basis. Network encryption is a must in all of the above – without network encryption all are exposed to attacks.

CE-Infosys provides the technologies, products and know how to protect the secret information of our government customers. At CE-Infosys, we know it is extremely important that you can trust your security products. Any weakness in a security product known by a third party could be disastrous.

We believe there is only one way to trust the products you have chosen. You have to understand them in all details. Therefore, our philosophy is:

Replace Trust by Knowledge


Detailed knowledge on how a product works is required to determine if a product is truly secure. We, at CE-Infosys will share our know how with our government customers.

Cryptographic algorithms play a key role when sensitive information is encrypted. It is a good practice for governments to trust only their own proprietary algorithms. However, this often conflicts with the design of an encryption product. CE-Infosys’ government products are designed to implement customized algorithms. The encryption algorithms in the products are implemented in FPGA hardware chips. This provides flexibility and speed.

We offer algorithm generator products for customers to generate algorithms according to their requirements. By using this product, the generated algorithm is known only by the customer. These products are delivered with source code to provide total transparency. More details on request…