Government Security Management

Every installation of security products within a government organization needs to have Security Management. The CE-Infosys Management product is called GlobalAdmin. GlobalAdmin is used to manage the network encryption products and the PC security products. Pay close attention on following details and instructions.

Security Management intro

All key material used in the security system is managed by the GlobalAdmin. The creation of keys is crucial to security. GlobalAdmin provides two mechanisms for the generation of the random data for keys. First, random can be imported from an external source of the customer. In this case the customer can use a random generator of its own choice. Second, an inbuilt physical random generator implemented in the HSM of the GlobalAdmin is used. The inbuilt generator is constantly checked to detect any statistical abnormality and to stop the key generation if such an event occurs.

A sophisticated backup and redundancy scheme keeps the encrypted GlobalAdmin database available at all times, even in the unlikely case when the GlobalAdmin hardware may fail.

GlobalAdmin runs on a protected computer using smart card based access control where one smart card is used for the computer and the other is for the GlobalAdmin program.

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