In the past few days, the world was shocked and appalled with the leak of the WikiLeaks documents that seemed to confirm that the CIA has taken over the role of Big Brother. How can we prevent being watched and spied on and what do they have to say about encryption? Read on to find out.

Good News For Users Of Encryption!

Finally, some good news seemed to emerge from all this WikiLeaks mess that has definitely shocked the entire planet! While at the beginning, many claims were made from those that nothing can guarantee your safety anymore.

NSA Surveillance Protest

To the claims that your last chance of being safe is to use encryption, it seems like after all that has been said and done – encryption is the only thing that actually works!

How Do I Prevent Being Spied On?

However, since the recent events many people are actually quite skeptic about how far this spying goes. Are we really secure and how can we prevent being listened to and watched? Is it even possible?

Mainstream media seem to have accepted that there is nothing safe about your virtual presence, and that privacy seem to be lost forever. However, at the same time there is a theoretical possibility to be watched and listened to through our devices by any apt hacker that can override them. Namely, documents also reveal that there might be many hackers who are able to do something like that.


What is perhaps even more outrageous and even more dangerous is the fact that hackers are also theoretically possible to hack and control your cars, your trucks and take full control over your steering, brakes, acceleration and airbag.

To focus on positives, the same documents also claim that since the first WikiLeaks documents broke out into the world and revealed the surveillance practices, many people have started protecting themselves with the help of encryption – which actually works! By encrypting the data and securing it with a key or a password, you are making sure that the encrypted data is accessible only to those with the same code!

Encryption communication has since then boosted in usage, and millions of people started to use it.