These days every kid will want to do one thing in their spare time and that plays video games and be on social networks. Well, if you are a type of a parent who doesn’t allow their children to play video games or have any social media account, then you will be the “bad parent” because you are not letting them use the modern technology. The reason why some parents might not want to let their kids play video games is that they don’t trust these games are safe for them. Of course, there are a lot of games that are not made for little kids, and that’s why they are separated and marked as games for adults.

These games usually involve a lot of violence and blood, but most kids want to play those games because they’re really fun. So, the question is how to keep your kids safe and let them play video games. Well, we have all the right answers for you, all you have to do is follow our instructions and your kids will be happy and safe at the same time.

Educate Them About Safety

You like you need to have some other talks with your kid, you must educate them about a video game and online safety in general because that will help them understand and avoid a lot of scams. If you just give them a device with an internet connection to do whatever they like, things won’t go so well, in fact, most likely the device will be hacked quite fast. The reason for that is because they will click on all kinds of flashy links that will lure them into a lot of trouble. With video games, in particular, they can also make a lot of mistakes by downloading some fake games that are designed to take personal information from them. You have to teach them first the importance of not giving any information without your permission, no matter what game that might be, you always have to double check before they share anything. Even if the game is made for kids, creating an account is almost always required and you need to be there when they do that in order to avoid problems.

Games with No Violence

The key thing for keeping your kids safe while gaming is to allow them to play video games that are made for their age. This means that if the game is rated PG-13 you don’t allow kids under the age of 13 to play it without your supervision. We suggest starting with some popular games such as League of Legends for example because it is easy to learn, and it is a lot of fun. Visit the AussyELO site to get your kids a level 30 account right away.

If you have followed our instructions and you kept your kids from playing scary and violent games by themselves, then you made the right decision because they are completely safe playing with your supervision.