There are numerous advantages of living in a pseudo-virtual world. People can share information and data with more ease, there is a vast sea of information which is at anyone’s disposal, and there are numerous threats as well. In order to protect yourself and your privacy when going online, sending emails and storing your pic on a cloud, here is what you should know.

Storing Your Data On A Cloud

Clouds have been the latest boom in the Internet world, because they are simple to use and allow you to safely store your data. However, even if it is convenient to store your data on a cloud, it is definitely debatable how safe your data is when it is in the cloud.


If you want to store your data for safe-keeping, but would like to avoid using a cloud, you might want to take a step back and store it on an external hard-disc.

Encryption Trends

When it comes to encryption, it is definitely complex, but that does not mean your data is safe when sending messages or receiving them. In fact, some of the most used platforms, are definitely to be avoided, because their systems of encryption are not admirable. If you want to use a reliable platform for communication, perhaps you should use Viber.

This is one platform that allows back-to-back or B2B encryption. Which means once you send out a message it is encrypted at your end, and deciphered at the receiver’s end.

Emails And Safety

emailYour emails are also not safe from hackers, but if you are handling sensitive information such as your credit card number, you should be extra safe just in case. Make sure you do not give out your information to just about any site via email, because your data can be used by hackers.

Is There Any Privacy In The Virtual World?

Well, privacy in the virtual world is definitely something which cannot be easily obtained. In fact, the majority of people do not even protect their privacy and put up everything up there. As the society slowly changes the scenery, we will learn to embrace the lack of privacy as well as the chance for anyone to reach stardom from their own home.