If you are thinking of enabling your network encryption, you are thinking in the right direction. It is important to protect your network so that you can fend off even the most successful cyber attackers. In order to achieve that learn how network encryption really works.

How Does Encryption Actually Work?

Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientists to gather that network encryption is important because otherwise you could lose information which are perhaps important.

In fact, even though this sounds quite logical I doubt anyone was ever concerned about it until Snowden managed to leak incredible amount of documents and make us all wonder how safe is our data?

What Is The Biggest Threat?

The biggest threat for any network are not faulty systems of protection, but something far more simple and common. The biggest threat to your cyber safety and the safety of your data is sadly something we all use on a day-to-day basis – your router! In addition to that, it must be said that the threat actually lies in the router malware which can attack your router. Numerous kinds of worms that hack your router have been found in 2013 and are considered to be the biggest potential threat to networking safety.

How Can I Boost My Network’s Safety?

If you are wondering whether there is anything you could do in order to improve the levels of your network security, then you should know that sending information in a plain text is a big no-no.


So, in fact what you should do right away is to enable at least some kind of encryption so that your apps could not be attacked by potential hackers. Also, if you happen to provide at least layer 2 encryption on your router and switch you will definitely make your network little bit safer than it used to be.

What About My Traffic?

Also, it is possible to do the encryption of network traffic and this could ensure that your communication between local networks is safe and protected.

Also, you could protect your traffic safety by the use of a gateway which will add complexity to your traffic.