In case that you are concerned about your security online, you could benefit from learning more about latest trends in cyber security. There are numerous platforms for communication out there. But how can one make sure that their communication is safe and protected? Read this article and you will learn everything you need to know about it. As well as strategies which may in fact help you protect your security in cyberspace. If you’re Apple fan, then check out apple communication apps and their pros and cons.

Email Encryption

Email encryption is advisable as a form of prevention in order to make your communication safe online. The latest identity-based encryption will allow you to have the benefits of encryption without the complexity of the service. Also, it is completely safe and it will keep your mails confidential. While reducing the chances of getting someone snooping around your emails.


There have been numerous cryptologists who have noted the certain flaws with WhatsApp that need urgent fixing. In addition to that, these flaws could not be considered a backdoor, but an outright security risk. If you choose to use WhatsApp despite the security risks. Then we advise you to approach it smartly and do not send sensitive details using this application.


The Facebook application has tested end-to-end encryption last year, in order to prevent snooping on digital conversation. Since more than 900 million users use Facebook and messenger. This has been seen as a move which will ensure security of cyber communication for numerous people out there.


However, when compared to WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook. The messages in Messenger are not encrypted by default and this leaves room for security problems.


Another popular platform for online communication is Viber. This platform uses end-to-end security. Which means that the encrypted data is send from device to another device.

There is no middle man, not even Viber, which makes your communication rather secure.

Staying Safe And Securing Your Communication Online

There are numerous apps which you can use for online communication. However, you should pay attention that all your data is properly encrypted, especially if it is sensitive data that you are sending or receiving. Needless to say, taking precautions is always advisable.