Nigeria experienced what some might call a movie revolution which changed this industry in this part of the world. Nigerian government realized that importing movies shouldn’t be the only way their people could enjoy in this type of art. This didn’t mean that people wouldn’t be able to watch movies from Hollywood, it meant that Nigeria would incite individuals to create films and give them options when it comes to filming.

The whole filming industry took a turn toward the right direction, and now we have a lot of Nigerian movies whose quality isn’t poor. The number of films that Nigerians could watch without resorting to digital piracy also increased.

The protection of publisher rights on the internet

Nigeria, like every other country whose filming industry, isn’t fully developed, has problems with the state of publisher rights and that was the obstacle that prevented them from acquiring rights to stream Hollywood movies in their cinema.

The problem was evident several years ago as very few people chose to pay for watching movies as it was easy to download them illegally. This had a negative impact on the movie industry in Nigeria as it was hard to make any profit from buying the rights to foreign movies and streaming them inland. Nigerian production companies were also unable to make any money as their films were pirated on a constant basis.

Nigerian government asked for the help of the West, and with it, they implemented several laws and regulations that reduced the number of attempts to download movies illegally. Installation of several excellent pieces of software made it hard to download videos without paying, and that improved the overall state of this industry in Nigeria.

Nigerian movies that are worth watching

Nigerian production companies joined up and created the Nollywood, which aims to be similar to Hollywood and Bollywood. That worked well, and now you have a lot of latest nigeria movies to watch. The quality of the footage in these films is OK. They aren’t at the Hollywood level, but in the following films, stories are the driving force, and video quality is secondary.

Aramotu is an excellent drama that touches on the subject of woman rights. The story follows a wealthy woman Aramotu who organizes the cult whose focus lies on the woman rights. The movie also addresses the political regime that doesn’t help the community as much as it should. The quality of the footage in this film is poor, but it is worth watching for the compelling story it tells.

Last Flight to Abuja is another excellent Nigerian movie that tells several stories. The premise sets the protagonists on the place that experienced major breakdowns, and its fate is unknown. Flashbacks are the medium through which those stories are told. Those flashbacks tell stories about some of the passengers and how and why they boarded the plane. The description of this movie sounds a lot like the description of the Lost series, but this film stands on its own and is worth the watch.