SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is, as everyone knows, the way to affect the visibility of the results of the website ranking. A high rank means that your page will appear before others (on the first page of the search engine).

Organizations like ours have the means to improve the ranking of your page, and thus we offer those services to those who are willing to pay for them. Now, this might sound wrong, but other means of raising website rankings are several times more expensive than our services are. Some other companies may offer better results, but they do it through illegal ways, and that backfires after a while.

SEO services we offer – Consultation

We aren’t just one company that provides these services, but an organization that gathered dozens of small seo detroit companies together. This means that the range of different types of assistance we can offer is enormous.

The essential assistance we can provide to your company is the consultation. This isn’t just a general consultation as every client represents a unique case that requires a full attention of our employees. We provide one-on-one meeting where we discuss the state of the website rankings and what needs to be done to improve it. This gives us info that we use to improve its ranking.

We also analyze the site as it gives us more options for improvement. This analysis means that we check for keywords, back-links, competition, social signals, and promotions.

Breakdown of the analysis part of the consultation

The analysis of the rankings tells us what needs to be done to improve your rankings. There is a broad range of things that can be done to improve the rankings of your site and here are some simple examples of results that we may come up with.

Keywords are essential in the SEO business and they will lead people to your site. Two problems may appear on your website when it comes to them. First of all, your page can have too few of keywords, and that will reduce your rankings. On the other hand, too many keywords will cause the Google search engine to lower your rankings due to keyword overstuffing.

We review the number of backlinks on a site and the locations they go to. The places have to be real, and they have to contain the exact thing that is advertised. Their number must be low (one or two per post), and they have to be placed at positions where the visitor will see them in a first half a minute after visiting the page.
We sort out your competition in three groups, those that succeeded those that failed and those that are like you. We analyze what works in their cases and what doesn’t, and that is applied to your situation.

Crucial aspects of your rankings are social signals that your site sends to the visitors as well as the promotions you are affiliated with. Wrong signals or promotions can cause your rankings to plummet to the bottom and returning from there is hard.