Since apple came to the phone market it has established its presence as one of the leading brands that millions of people buy and use on their day-to-day basis. The more the iPhone was getting used as a smart device the more people wanted to create apps for it and with that, there were more people that wanted to exploit all the security issues that came with the iPhone device. Compared to the Android platform, the apple apps worked on a different method. While the Android apps were all getting approved and then the users were in charge of sorting out the good from the bad the apple app store had a different approach. Namely, the apps in the iPhone have a certain vetting process where every app needed to get analyzed and approved before it made it on the market where millions of users would be able to download it and use it. Even though this approach has been proven to work better than the android one, it still had its flaws as the system could not detect all the potential malicious users and check every code written inside the app.

To make things worse, the more apple became a staple in the mobile market, the more it became a target for hackers all over the world. People were not just interested in breaking in the apps, but also jailbreaking the phone to gain total control over it, which would severely put your security at risk.

For a quality app build a good business can be hired to do the hard work, like the iphone app development dubai or it can be done by you. However, when it comes to security it is a much bigger issue for users than most people would think, and by testing most apps in the iPhone app developing business we have concluded that these 3 issues are usually the problem

1. Data is not protected during resting periods

The more we connected to the web with our smart devices the more our mobile phones were at risk of sharing our private information and data with unwanted parties. During our sleep, the apps would usually not be protected enough from malicious intent.
When it comes to security more must be done in the protection department as strong cryptography is a must addition for every app to every future app developer.

2. Secure communications to servers

This is another huge issue that many apps developed on the market have problems with. In the developing stage, many developers use an invalid certificate and they don’t patch it to a proper protection level. Failure to secure communications can compromise client to server communications and put the user’s data at risk.

3. Patching your application

This is something that is on the apple store as well as on the developers. If you can launch a product that does not need a patch that is good, but after some time something will need to be patched and the app store usually has to review it for a week or two before it is approved. During this time, the users of the app are at risk. The solution would be to constantly patch and upgrade the app whenever you can.